Display the second line of the Toolbar as a vertical list

This is a suggestion about the Toolbar.
Is it possible to display the list vertically when the second line of the Toolbar is opened?
Sorry if this has already been suggested.

Horizontal (current) | Vertical

Currently, the second line is hidden when the cursor is out of the Toolbar range.
If you make the list vertical, you will have a smaller area to move your hand when selecting. :writing_hand:
And I would be grateful if I could expand the second line of the Toolbar with a shortcut key.

I know you are busy, so I hope you will consider this sometime. :relaxed:


Are you aware that you can stack the two toolbars on top of each other and thus already have two toolbars available? At the beginning of the “mainToolBar” and the “BrushesAndStuff” toolbar, there is a double bar where you can “grab” the toolbars with the mouse and move them. This way I could gain a lot of space and don’t need the overhang menu of the toolbars.


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Cool animations


Great feature request! :grin: This would make it much so much easier to select things when having many toolbar buttons/small screen!

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That is not a good option for people with a small monitor, it only reduces the space.

I know this because I have a pc with a square monitor.

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I am not good at remembering keyboard shortcut keys and the many functions in Krita, and the toolbar is very useful for me because I can place shortcuts for various functions. :smiley: :sparkles:
I also place and use functions that I want to use and not forget.
So I have a lot of buttons on my toolbar.

I was hoping to be able to create a third toolbar, but the manual said "At this time Krita does not support the ability to create additional toolbars ".
So I made a request for the second line to make it easier to use.

I can’t make mockups, so I tried to make it as easy to communicate as possible. I’m so glad I didn’t expect any compliments! Thank you. :blush:

I wonder if this would work well for the chrome and android, making it a little less crammed.

In fact, the toolbar could be adjusted so that it is not too big and has some extras for android.