Do digital paint quarrelling with conventional An article on wordpress

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It says coming soon. Is it work in progress?

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At the bottom of the page the article is displaying The site is not launched but blog is functional Please see and thanks for your feed back Please let me know the result as i am sharing this first with our community

I think it is behind the login. For me it is just a blue screen and login button at the bottom -

I think you would need to open the access to public

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I will see how to launch public Thank you very much

sorry to disturb you i launched it public there was an option there Please try once again Thanks in advance

Interesting article :slight_smile:

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Interesting article.

brush angle adjustments are difficult in digital painting (personal opinion of the author as a digital artist)

But doesn’t Krita use brush angles? You can consult @RamonM or any of the other brush designer experts and see how they can help.

P.S. this article reminded me of this meme:


Very very correct And people responding oh it’s digital na it is a computer trick cut copy method theft etc But the pain to create one knows only by the artist That forced me to write the article Since I am in learning phase many Krita handy features I am not using Step by step approach :relaxed:

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I love the conventional too If one is red rose other is yellow!!!

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Thank you dear friend :relaxed:

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Krita can handle the angles using the Tilt feature in your stylus if it is available. For me Tilt is a complement, I paint a lot without Tilt for several reasons. (I design my brushes for everybody) But if Tilt is available in your device use it.
Be able to use curves for Tilt management is a gift combined with the angle in the brush tip.

Digital art is not the same as traditional. That is the first mistake people do comparing these mediums and maybe because they don’t know it.

Also timelapses don’t help because everything seems to be easier. I explain that a lot to my students.
Also there are tons of brushes for natural media, and people expect the same. Well, maybe they are the same at the surface but if you dig deep in natural media… :joy: :joy: Is a nightmare and a wonderful experience much more complex.
Krita has charcoals, pencils, pastels, wax pastels, oils, watercolor… So we have a lot of tools.

Brushes are important. I don’t agree with brushes are only a tool. Not exactly. But 90% yes. Only this can be a debate :sweat_smile::wink:. For example try to emulate the grain of paper with pastels with a round brush.

Also Krita can do more than traditional art. And people can create his own styles mixing things.

personally, I don’t care too much, really. I enjoy painting and that is related with emotions, ideas, and needs. Technique or medium is behind that.


Nice I have to check the tilt I am agreeing with you many occassion tilt is immaterial Thank you

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