Do not close the layer blending modes box when applying the filter, but when moving the pointer outside.

Hello, I would like to ask a question, it is not very important but I think it is something simple and that it could help improve productivity a bit.

Wouldn’t it be better that when the layer blending menu is opened (only in that one, in the brush blending menu it would not make sense), it does not close once the filter is applied, and that it does, for example, only when move the pointer out of the selection box ?.

Many times you do not know which filter will be the best, and constantly opening for each one is a bit tedious. In this way, if you know for sure which filter you want, you also lose nothing because the pointer will move out anyway and the box will close, and the person who wants to try, will be able to continue selecting other modes, without having to open it for each test.

What do you think of the idea?

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I agree and it would be a good idea for exactly the reason you describe :+1:


No idea how doable it is in qt, but I believe it would be an improvement.

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I don’t know either, but the pop_up color picker works like this. And in the worst case, even if you had to click on the canvas to close the box, I think it would be better. This is done by the brush options window for example.