Do you have any thoughts on gih brushes?

from googletranslate:
A few weeks ago, in a discussion of the local community, we discovered that exporting gih and then importing it can support more functions (Dimension, Ranks). But we don’t know how to make use of it.
Do you have any ideas or made interesting brushes? :smiley:

These are used for animated brushes -
Brush-tips:Animated Brushes — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation .

I don’t know if Krita has dimension and ranks thing though.

I’ve made a .gih brush in Gimp years ago and recently imported it into Krita. It works nicely (I just selected one of the wet brushes [one of the purple icon ones] and replaced the head with my .gih brush and it does very well).

I think I just used “import brushes” within the manage resources dialog and navigated to where I had saved my brush.

Yes, I know that.

Loading directly into the software does not support “dimension and ranks”. But “export” and then “import” support it

Hmm this is interesting. I need to learn more about this


I use numbers to experiment. Pressure, direction and increment are effective at the same time

@IvanYossi implemented the ranks and dimensions.

I put the documentation for it here: *.gih — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation

Aah I remember seeing this page. Thanks I completely forgot how these work.

If you have a text editor that doesn’t fall over if you try to open a .gih file, such as Notepad++, you can see its organisation. e.g. for testhose.gih:

6 ncells:6 dim:2 rank0:0 sel0:random rank1:1 sel1:incremental

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