Do you have non-standard resources to share? (ex. templates, palettes, vector libraries)

Our resource page is a bit empty when it comes to less standard resources:

  • templates
  • color themes (like Krita dark or Blender)
  • workspaces
  • gamut masks
  • palettes
  • vector libraries
  • seexpr scripts (new type of resources in Krita 4.4.0)
  • patterns (there are two packs but maybe something more?)

Maybe you know some places where they are shared? Or you have something to share yourself?

I want to add them to this website:

I have a few seexpr scripts that I will be sharing but I think I will do that only when I finish the whole pack. It will be a pack with grids and guides for painting :slight_smile: Pixel-perfect, with offsets, hopefully they will be useful to someone.


Some time ago I did a ‘gridmaker’ for people who want visible grids that are part of the image. It’s still available though a bit crude and manual:

Use this link to download:

I have quite a few personal workspaces but they’re all set up for my two monitor arrangement and the floating dockers on the second monitor look a mess (at first sight, until you get used to them).

As for vector libraries, what do people want/need in a vector library?


Hello! I made some themes, check it out:

Here is the direct link to download:

I’d be happy if you guys added it to the resources page :smiley:


Mush have missed this topic: I have a gray color theme, that comes from my general resource folder with brush bundles and scripts :slight_smile: