Does anyone follow Illustration trends?

Impressive work! :+1:t2:
I never got far with Blender. My favorite is Art Of Illusion.

Anyway, I don’t wanna sidetrack the subject.

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True, Im sorry for the sidetrack.

This reminds me of how things come and go for me in terms of art.

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That’s a great question, I did a seach on the www to see what art trend was selling the best & found it depended on the person who looked at the market. I believe art is subjective so if one other person likes what you do it is a potential trend. If a million people like it it will be a known trend. Things tend to trend when influential people say they want or must have then, then lemmings follow off the cliff and some one gets rich. Ok I have ranted but to answer the question I take inspiration from others but they may or may not be a trend at the time.



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