Does anyone know how to help with memory?

I usually just draw on Krita but recently ive been wanting to get back into animation so I’ve been animating on Krita and on the document where im animating it says there is no more space but its not that i have no space on my laptop since i can create a new document to just draw in and its fine. Its only in that one with animating, does anyone know how to fix this? ive tried deleting files i dont need any more but that doesnt do anything. Thank you so much.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Is this your first attempt at making an animation with krita or have you made other animations with no problems?

Can you do Help -> Show system information for bug reports and then paste the content in a reply, or give a link to pastebin or a .txt file download link, whichever you prefer.

What is the exact nature of the error message? Can you post a screenshot of the entire window when it’s showing the error message?

The memory Krita is talking about is RAM, not hard drive space. Animation needs lots of it, much more than a single image needs.

You can set up Krita to be allowed to use more memory in Configure Krita -> Performance. You can also set up swap file there which makes Krita use some portion of a hard drive as RAM, but it makes Krita very slow, so consider it just a safety measure so Krita doesn’t crash from lack of memory, losing your progress.