Donation history broken?

Hey all

I just wanted to drop a quick note that when I click on Donation History on the right side of the Donate page, all I get is a white blank page. (Since 3 month now)
Safari on macOS, iPadOS, and on Android with Firefox.
This page will then open:


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Thanks for reporting. I think we need to ping @scottyp for this.

For now we are going to have to just remove the link from the donations area.

The code hasn’t changed in 2 years that grabs that data - so there is nothing new that might have broken it. The problem is that there is just too much data now. There are about 200,000 records that the page has to look through to generate those charts. The page cannot even access the database without timing out. Even accessing this registration data in WordPress takes 30 seconds just to view the table content.

It will have to take some time to think about what alternatives there are. There might need to be a more major upgrade to put the database on a more powerful server…which probably isn’t going to happen for a while.