Don't buy Krita merch without verifying it comes from Krita team

Smaller artists often have to deal with this sad reality that someone will eventually steal their design to sell on T-shirts, mugs and whatever-you-want. It’s really hard to fight with it - a one-person company with small budget won’t go to fight in the court.

So today we got a similar situation with Krita’s T-shirt design… for a programming sprint 10 years ago. There were only 8 of those T-shirts printed. What sense does it make to sell T-shirts from an event that happened so long ago? No idea.

The thief was sneaky: they started a sale most probably 1-2h ago. They created a fresh new twitter account and a fresh new reddit one (and that’s only those that we know about). They posted ad on twitter, linking to their store; and on Krita’s subreddit, linking to their twitter post. Sale will end in 6h, hopefully with no T-short sold, since I took down the post and the account in 1h from when they posted it. Unfortunately we probably can’t do much about ads on twitter and the sale itself; more precisely, I cannot do anything, @irina says it’s not worth it since it will end soon and @boud is afk, so most probably nothing will happen.

That’s what thiefs hope for, actually… for no one to notice/do anything for those few hours the sale is open :frowning: then they will steal another design and put another design T-shirts to sell…

Only things that you can buy in the official Krita store: are official, plus Steam and Windows Store sales (although even on Windows Store we had to chase a person putting “Krita Unofficial” there…). We don’t sell T-shirts or mugs… some people asked for it, so it might change at some point, but for now, there is no such possibility. And if we sell it, it won’t be from the event 10 years ago, of course… (Btw we will probably get a design for this year’s Sprint because we will join LGM, so to distinguish ourselves from other LGM participants, we’ll be walking in T-shirts :slight_smile: I met other members of Krita team three times already, two sprints and LGM, but haven’t got a T-shirt yet, so I’m excited :slight_smile: )

For anyone wondering why it’s a problem if Krita is free and open source: well, Krita name and logo is trademarked, so it cannot be used for anyone except for Krita Foundation and people and usecases it allowed it to use (for example making speedpaints with Krita is of course allowed). Even selling Krita is fine, but you cannot say it’s Krita or use Krita’s logo. The exact design on the T-shirt was made by someone as well (although it’s unclear now, who exactly) , it’s not patented but the copyrights are still with Krita Foundation and the person that made it, because it was meant to only be used those 10 years ago.


There are bots that scrape sites for images with comments like “I want this on a t-shirt”, “t-shirt design” and other key words to then make t-shirts from them. So there’s probably no human decision involved in the choice of the Krita t-shirt. A while a go people were trying to troll the bots with making images that said “this site steals images” and trying to get the bots to make those into t-shirts.


Yeah, some guy trolled the bots to put this into a T-shirt:


@tiar If this ever happens again be sure to fill in DMCA in case, every social media site has a form (you can find them by just typing *social media name+dmca on google)

Now concerning Merch i do think it will be nice to have more stuff in the shop, There’s no necessity to have more expensive stuff like Shirts or mug, I think stuff like stickers/magnets and Art prints made by Krita Artist can be really nice to have with the benefit of being cheap to produce.

Someone has to make those, though. Are you volunteering? :slight_smile:

I have a lot of leftover prints that i can donate + the paper for printing more, for stickers/magnet I’m not super experienced with making them (since i used to go on Stickerapp to make them) but I do have the machines to make some (the printer and the plotter for cutting the sticker sheets)

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I’ll get back to you on this. (It’s Sunday so I’m deferring work-type stuff but it’s very good news)