Double mouse cursors problem


So I have encountered a minor yet annoying problem that I have with my graphic tablet’s pencil.

It turns out to have a double cursor and once I try something in a tool bar, the other cursor proceeds to draw while I don’t want to and this happens with any kind of workspace. (GIF shows the issue)

Situation-- going to move with the scroll bar with the pencil.
What happens: while moving on the canvas, the pen cursor starts drawing too, following the same moves on the scroll bar.

I have tried to see in Settings>Configure Krita>Tablet Settings but nothing change.

I’d love to get some help, thanks.

Some info:
Tablet: UGEE M708
Laptop: Thomson Neo15c-4bk500 (Windows 10//×64)
Use: Krita 4.2.8

Can you re upload the gif, of reply with just the gif, there is some problem with discourse it resizes some gifs :frowning:

This is most probably this bug:

Can you please add a comment with all the information that I asked the previous poster? And reopen the bug (it was closed because of no information).

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This is this problem exactly, but I have found someone who had the same issue as well, and said that they figured out that they can’t use Krita in mouse mode so they switched to pen (mode) and it then worked fine.
I suppose this is the solution to the issue, however I don’t know how to do it nor where to find that option.

It should be in your tablet driver.