Draw the Fox

The following challenge involves painting a red fox in Krita.
The best I can do for this challenge is paint an image of this fox my mother found in my neighborhood seven years ago exactly as I see it. I’m not particularly good at losely relying on reference images

I’d like to see some members here draw a picture this fox in whatever style you like using this reference image and any other other reference images if you wish as long as the final image includes the fox. You need not worry about straying too far from the reference image as long as the final image is recognizable as a fox. You may explain your procedure in drawing the image if you see fit.


Thanks for starting this challenge

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I have a false start on this challenge, but don’t wait for me at the finish, I will have a long way to go)


This is what I have so far. This is basic line work using grid lines and the photo reference. I hope to begin blocking in color using my imported paper texture. Too bad I can’t freely stray far from the reference image using this method. My skill level is very limited.:frowning:

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I’ve started blocking in color (How do people finish a painting in less than an hour?).

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pretty good

It’s great :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing the end result, one day.