Draw With Me! Cats on Broomsticks


I’ve seen your videos before and they’re well produced and you have a good commentary style with obvious enthusiasm for what you’re working on, which is always a good thing :slight_smile:

There’s a consistent and regular problem with the audio where you have a particular type of distortion of your voice that happens now and then and it seems to happen when your voice goes quieter, perhaps during any time you move your head away from the microphone?

Are you using some kind of digital/USB connected microphone?

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I’m using a small microphone I bought in Mumuso that I can plug in the headphone jack of my laptop. Audio is one of the major challenges I go through when making my videos :sweat_smile:. I’m still looking for ways to improve it. Though sound editing with Audicity is satisfying.

Thanks for your compliment and feedback. It really means a lot. Making draw with me videos has recently become one of my favorite pastimes ever since starting digital art and I want it to be something that people can enjoy too. I’m sometimes told that I seem to talk in some level of monotone so when making my videos I tried to compensate by practicing my intonations as well as write down my thoughts beforehand. I’m glad that it works somehow :blush:.

It sounds like you have a small analogue microphone with a combined headphone/microphone connector on your laptop, which should not be a problem from a ‘workability’ point of view.

Does the final-cut audio output file from Audacity sound ok?
Does the final-cut video file have good audio output?
There is definite audio distortion on the YouTube videos.

Something you could try is not to vary the ‘loudness’ of your voice too much and don’t move your head much with respect to the microphone location.
Good quality microphones are not cheap so you may want to consider upgrading to a better (= more expensive :frowning: ) one someday.
There is a possibility that it’s a limitation of your laptop, which you can’t do anything about.

Good luck with it all and keep on making them :slight_smile:

I see. Thanks! I am planning to upgrade someday when I have the chance. There are apparently several usb microphones that I am considering for the future.