Drawing Duplication - Animation help

I’m super duper new to Krita, and I’ve been learning things like how to work the onion skins and such, but there’s something I don’t get. Every time I draw a frame in and move on to the next frame, it’s as if what was drawn on the previous frame before is duplicated, and the onion skin is hidden underneath. I’ve tried googling but it didn’t give me anything so I’ve come to this. Is this supposed to happen? I tried my own little ball animation before and I have to erase what was duplicated on every single other frame. For example, I draw one frame for a ball on one frame, and go to the next frame and the ball is there, so I have to erase it or it’s on two frames. Is there a step I’m missing? If someone helps clear this up I would greatly appreciate it!

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Hi @Irys_Darkheart - Welcome to the forum.

I’m going to change your post category so the right people will see your question more easily. I don’t do animation or I would try to help you myself.

Edit: added “animation” to the post title, as well.

You should show what your frames look like. If you don’t create a blank frame in the timeline, it will continue endlessly till the end. Or if you simply draw on a frame and have autoframe enabled and it is said to by default duplicate frame, it will duplicate frame.

This is a confusing part of animation when you first encounter it.
It’s about Auto Frame Mode being enabled or not - then it’s about whether the mode (if enabled) is set to Autokey Blank or Autokey Duplicate.

It looks like you have AutoFrame Mode enabled and that it’s set to Autokey Duplicate.
This means that when you select an empty frame and draw in it, the contents will be what you draw plus a duplicate of the previous keyframe.
This can be very useful for anyone who wants that but confusing for someone who doesn’t realise what’s happening.

Here’s a picture of how to control it:

Click ‘1’, the hamburger menu thing to get various options showing.
Click ‘2’, the Auto Frame Mode toggle to enable or disable Auto Frame Mode. The icon will have a small ‘x’ on it if Auto Frame Mode is disabled.
Click ‘3’ to get a selection box for either Autokey Blank or Autokey Duplicate.

If Auto Frame Mode is enabled and AutoKey Blank is selected then you’ll get a blank new keyframe when you draw (except for what you draw in it of course).

If Auto Key Mode is enabled and Autokey Duplicate is selected then you’ll get whatever you draw plus whatever is in the previous keyframe.

If Auto Key Mode is disabled then selecting an empty frame will have no effect and you’ll draw on whatever keyframe you were last drawing on.
In this mode of operation, you have to manually create a new keyframe by doing right-click → Create Blank Frame or right-click → Create Duplicate Frame.
i.e. Manually do for yourself what the Auto key Mode will do if it’s enabled.

Personally, I have Auto Key Mode disabled and do the right-click thing on the timeline to create new blank frames or duplicate frames. That way I have to think about what I want and what I’m doing and I find that keeps me focused.
You’ll figure out your own preferred way of working :slight_smile: