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I have a Wacom tablet (non screen) and always find it a bit difficult to have control when drawing in Krita.

I’ve recently stumbled across a basic online drawing application (Mr.doob) and immediately could draw perfect circles. When I try to replicate the same thing in Krita, I feel I have less control over the lines, almost as if I had to strive harder to get the same result.

I know it is hard to explain and might seem a bit vague, but is there something I can do? I’ve tried disabling smoothing completely but even though I still feel I have to make less effort (with the pen) in that basic online app to get the best result.

Any thoughts?

Krita has a brush engine just like that one, I guess they copied it. Did you try using that engine in Krita too?

Yes, it has to do with the feeling of drawing, not so much with the brush used.
It’s like in Krita, I have to compensate the physical drawing gesture to make it the way I want and in that simple application I don’t need to do that because it draws more natural.

Could it be perhaps that there was some sort of brush stabilization behind the scenes? Krita has that option, so you might want to look into that :slight_smile:

I thought of that too…and already tried to disable all stabilisation. But isn’t the same feeling. Could it be related to the tablet drawing resolution? Maybe the web application uses less resolution than Krita and so it feels more in control? Or is it nonsense?

I say that because it is only when I draw smaller sketches that I have the same feeling. Am I getting nuts?

I don’t know, but when you can’t draw perfect circles it’s either a) clearly the program’s “fault” (when it’s jittery for no reason, b) tablet setup acting up or c) actual personal “fault”. I don’t think it’s a), or b), since for the first reason Krita’s a very well established painting tool, and I never encountered any scenario when Krita acts all wonky when I’m giving it the right input. The tablet shouldn’t be acting up, if you can trace a perfect circle on another app. Have you tried other applications, and tried to do perfect lines, with varying levels of pressure and speed?

Btw, I hope this doesn’t offend you, perfect circles are really hard :smiley:

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I cant make perfect circles either but I can’t see this site performming better than Krita I would say the opposite this is my little test. Krita on the right makes everything smoother while Doob has issues with line detection as there seems to be small gaps between I can draw.

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Thanks for all the help. It surely behaves different on my computer, probably something to do with my system. Maybe it’s time to get a newer tablet (the one I have is getting old).

Hi Olivier, here is a supposition:

In Krita, the brush outline (the shape of the brush) is always painted with a slight delay, but one that can affect your coordination of movement. By default, Krita displays only the brush outline.

but you can also display a cursor; this one doesn’t have delay. Here is an animation under to show both: cursor + outline while making a movement. You’ll see how the outline lags behind.

To setup a cursor, go to the settings > Configure Krita > General
→ Cursor Shape: pick one you prefer (maybe a large crosshair as in the web app you mentioned)
→ Outline Shape: Maybe turn it to “No outline” for a test.

If after that test, you recover your drawing skill with Krita; you’ll know where it comes from.


@EyeOdin @slightlyangrydodo @Deevad Thanks a lot for all your inputs. Changing the Cursor Shape and the Outline Shape did really help! It’s very interesting to notice how these little changes can have a big impact in the overall experience. I have an old tablet that still has 1024 levels of pressure and 2540 lpi so those changes clearly improved the line accuracy. Thanks a lot again for all your time and patience!


I thought everyone knew about this one. I will keep it in mind.

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