Drifting Among Corals

Hello, everyone! I’m posting to share my entry for the competition. Since it’s been such a dark and snowy winter (actually, it still snowed today) I was sure I wanted to make a world really bright and sunny for Kiki and Leon. Still, it’s not quite an ordinary Summer day that I decided to depict as there’s something magical going on with both of our mascots. To commemorate their journey, Kiki decided to paint up a lot of corals to make sure the wonderful sceneries they’ve visited on this island remain a protected habitat for all the friends they’ve made (some of whom made it to the photo). As for Leon, his dolphin friend is making sure he doesn’t have to get his hair wet! :blush:

Krita’s logo is a part of Kiki’s surfboard and the Huion logo is the tail for the fishes :slight_smile:
I didn’t know whether the actual logos were required, so I added them in for good measure. The full resolution is available here. (warning - large file!)