Drinking Milk Tea

I made a picture of me drinking milk tea!



Milk tea? I am not aware of what that is, do you mind telling me? :slight_smile:

It’s a type of drink that mixes in milk with tea. You can add different stuff like red beans, add more sugar, and have different kinds of flavor. It can a hot or cold beverage, though it seems that the latter is more popular. It tastes really good :smile:

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Ah, I see. I would like to think that these are like milkshakes.

We add plenty of milk and sometimes cream in tea and coffee here in India. The typical “Chai” is just milk cooked with ginger, sugar and other spices and tea-leaf. Similarly, coffee also is mixed with milk here :slight_smile:

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Just like most people adding creamer to coffee! I have a friend that adds creamer to her tea. And Chai is pretty good :))