"Driver Channel" based on other layers

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“Cross-channel color adjustment” in krita is what I think is better than other software. I hope to add “Previous Layer” “Next Layer” buttons after “Driver Channel”. After checking, the layer is modified based on the channel of the selected layer.

We can at least get these:

  1. Modify alpha. Display the brighter\dark\saturated parts of the next layer
  2. When the color block is superimposed on the grayscale image, Correct the unreasonable brightness, or offset the saturation and hue

This is the way I can think of it. With blend mode, there should be more possibilities.
Is this request possible?

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I really wish it was possible.
I personally really miss the “blend if” feature from PS. It allowed so many things like cool translucency, cool glow, adding texture, editing specific value, colorizing the line art in the end of your work, so many possibilities.
If the cross channel curve thing could source the underlying layers instead of self as an option this would basically do the same as “blend if”

I miss that feature so much.

Technically we could go the hard way around that

copy merged the underlying layers
apply the cross channel to alpha
inherit alpha for the layer you want
But this is not exactly practical.

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I thought this method was just fine for emulating Blend If: https://www.reddit.com/r/krita/comments/9mzba9/when_blend_if_layer_blend_option_will_implement/e7im9ky?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Not exactly, “blend if” can use the layers below itself as source. Like Alpha from lightness(any parameter) of the picture below.

Example you’re drawing a laser beam that’s visible over the dark parts of the background but not the bright parts.
Or a translucent dress that allows some light through in the bright areas but not in the dark ones, or an effect like peeling paint, or some texture set in the darker recesses of a surface.

Have you checked the tutorial by gdquest -

It shows blend if editing in krita with the cross channel filter