Drop frames

Ive been using krita for about 4 months now and was working fine until i built my new computer. Here are my specs:
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x
GPU: 2070
16GB Ram which is clocked at 3600mhz
1tb M.2
1tb of hard drive
Now here’s my issue…
Whenever i playback my animation, the audio goes faster than my animation but i strictly pause and listen to my audio to know what to draw but as soon as i play it back from the beginning, the audio goes faster than my animation! I tried slowing down the audio but it still wont sync with the animation and even if it did, the audio will sound stupid. I tried Configuring my performance and yet nothing. I KNOW i have specs that can handle this software…and for some reason the “Drop frames” tab keeps telling me my animation is dropping frames…BUT HOW!? How do i fix this? I’ve been struggling for weeks now…

I know the lack of exact synchronisation between audio and animation playback has been noted before. (I assume you’re using Windows because the audio doesn’t even play in the Linux packages.)
Does this not happen on your old computer?
Krita was not developed as any kind of ‘audio workstation’ application and that is (apparently) a technically difficult thing to do. All we can hope for is that the audio gets rendered properly in sync when it’s sent out to ffmpeg for rendering. A developer may be able to tell you the deep and detailed reasons for all that.

As for the drop frames, does this particular animation have that on your old computer? Can you provide technical details of your animation such as canvas size, frame rate, total number of keyframes (counting all animated layers), frame length of the animation? How much RAM is allocated to krita, how much RAM does your animation use - etc? That information may help someone to figure out what is happening and why.
Also, working on a copy of the .kra file, if you merge all animated layers to give one animated layer, do you still get this happening?