Dropdown issues

For whatever reason all of the Krita v 4.2.8 dropdowns (File, Edit, View, Image, etc) are visible but nothing happens when I click on the tabs. I can’t import/exporr, add dockers, change settings. What gives?


Are you in a full screen mode?

No. Everything looks as it normally should but selecting any of the File, Edit, View, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, Window, Tools, Settings, or Help tabs does absolutely nothing. Also, the advanced color selector is entirely in grayscale though I can select different brushes and adjust opacity and size. Maybe I should take the computer in and have it looked at?

Has this always been the case and is this the first time you’ve installed and used krita on your computer?
Which operating system are you using?

The advanced colour selector may be in greyscale because, for some reason, your image is set to use a greyscale colour space. You can check that by looking at the status bar where it tells you the colour profile.
Can you paint on the canvas?

Can you create a New Image by pressing Ctrl+N?
Can you Close an image by pressing Ctrl+W

Before you spend money having the computer looked at, do other applications behave well and normally, especially for menu item drop downs and sub-menu item activation?

Here is a simple RGB test image to open: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m6wltcoycup39nj/RGB.kra?dl=1

Can you post a full screen, full window screenshot (.png) ?

I will answer each question in order:

No, this not the first time I’ve encountered this particular issue but in the past it has somehow corrected itself before I could identify the cause. I have been using Krita since late summer of last year. In that time, in my attempts to remedy the problem, I performed an uininstall/reinstall function and also tried using different older versions. The version I was using this last time was the most recent 4.2.8 using Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 6. There are no other operating systems “coexisting” on this computer that would conflict.

I’ve attached a screen shot nto answer the next questions.

I can create a new image by pressing Ctrl+N. I can close the image by pressing Ctrl+W.

No other application appears to be affected, menu item drop downs or sub-menu item activiations.

Here is a full screen shot with brush use…

The truth of the matter is that I’m such a damn idiot when in comes to technology that grown men have cried at my ineptitude. I have no business using a computer of this capability - I barely know how to turn the damn thing on, say nothing of properly using it. I know I’ve somehow managed to screw it up, but I don’t remember doing or changing anything that could have caused such an error. I was enjoying using the program and thought I was getting the hang of it, so perhaps I got a little too confident. I also noticed that for some reason there was a frame render rate indicator in the upper left corner of the canvas that wasn’t always there, no clue what that was about. I also recently invested in a Huion Q11K wireless tablet thinking I could get use out of it but I could’t get it to work correctly or cast to my television so it’s sitting collecting dust until I can get someone to show me what I’m doing wrong. Maybe there’s a reason?

(Sidenote: The Huion Q11K wireless tablet has wireless capability for the purpose of connecting to your computer. It is not intended that you ‘cast’ it to your television. It may (should?) have a USB cable included which is a much simpler way of connecting it to your computer.)

I’m going to suggest that you carry out a little bit of file mainipulation using the File Manager.
If you don’t feel comfortable or capable about that, perhaps you can get a friend or relative to do it for you? Here goes:

(Assuming your user name is Jordon) Go to C:\Users\Jordon\Local Settings\ In there, somewhere in the list of folders and files, you will see a file called ‘kritarc’. This is the file that is used to store the look-feel-behaviour-settings of your krita application.
Rename this file to ‘kritarc-old’ then start krita.
This will return krita to newborn/default settings by recreating the ‘missing’ kritarc file. It will not affect your brushes or any other resources that you’ve spent time and effort making or obtaining. You will need to redo any personal cosmetic or settings changes you’ve made so far though, if needed.

If that works to solve the current problem then good. If not, you can return to the old setup by deleting the newly created kritarc file and then renaming ‘kritarc-old’ to ‘kritarc’.

As I said, you should not do that unless you feel confortable and capable of doing it.

I gdt as far as users, MyName, and then there is no local settings folder.

Also, I do know that theHuion tablet is supposed to communicate wirelessly with the computer. I was then attempting to cast from the computer to the TV but there was a screen ratio issue because it wasn’t sure which of the two dimensions it should be using to project - Huion or Surface. Tried the whole driver reinstall, yadda, yadda… bupkiss. Seriously, am I just that stupid I can’t figue this out and what the heck happened that the settings would change in the first place? This all implies that I had found this mythical folder before at some point and managed to alter it. Nuts.


I did say, “Assuming your user name is Jordon”. It may be that your user name is ‘Jordon Allen Eaton’. Only you know what your user name is.
Navigating around in the file manager can be a complicated process and often needs some kind of ‘computer geek’ type of person.
My suggestion does not imply that you had done something to the kritarc file before and altered it. This is the usual way of clearing/initialising the settings of krita back to default.

Krita configuration is stored there, and while, of course, you can change Krita configuration in Krita by different means, there is no easy way to just reset it properly.

In the File Browser you need to go to “View” tab on top and check the “Show hidden files” checkbox. It will show you a hidden directory “AppData”. Go inside, then go to “Local”, then there should be the kritarc file. Rename it to “kritarc-backup.txt” or something. Then start Krita.

You, dear sir or madam, are a miracle worker. I found it and that’s exactly what was needed to repair the error. I didn’t mean to suggest that you implied I had done something. What I meant by that was if the “whoops” was so deeply buried in the file directory how the heck did it just happen to reorder itself that I had to go digging to find it? Ghost in the machine. Thank you very much.
Back to work!


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