"Duncan: The Culture" Silent Night Collection coming November 30!

Hey, guys!

November is almost at its end, so I thought maybe I’d reveal the newest Collection in the works–

The Silent Night Collection!

You can read more about the Collection here!

Also, if you really want the Collection to start, click here to visit the countdown page!


EDIT: Background changed for safety of announcement on both KA and DTC site

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Did you paint the background image?

I did not. I just found it on a search engine. I thought it would fit into the Collection reveal. But is this considered stealing?

(I just searched up “winter night sky” just to find it)

I just wondered if I should like it. :slight_smile:

If the license is permissive it’s ok.

Yeah I think it is, the image came from “Wallpaper Safari”

Kind of dubious… Wallpaper Safari got it from allmacwallpapers.com which only states “All wallpapers copyright by their respective owners.” and doesn’t link to the owner.

I think the original artist might be ok with it being used as a desktop wallpaper, but maybe not as promotion material.

You’d be better off searching creativecommons.org or pexels.com or some other site with free images. If you use creativecommons.org, be sure to read the license and understand what is permitted and not.

Hm. I didn’t know that. I should try Pexels for more promotional images. Thanks for the information, mate!

(also I did just read the copyright disclaimer for the site, I should change it.)

Hey, please be more considerate and mindful of other users of the forum and slow down with your “secret projects”/“Duncan the culture” posts (artworks are fine, I mostly mean those in Lounge). Not everyone is interested in it, and because of how many threads you already made, it feels a bit spammy since it’s all self-promotion.

Just a bit self-promotion is fine but it just feels a bit much in your case, that’s what I think.


You could make additional replies of the ‘latest update’ type at the end of an existing topic.

You can also edit your first topic post to make a simple update statement referring to a later addition-reply.
Having said that, I think there’s some kind of time limit (maybe 30 days?) for making edits to any particular post.

It doesn’t seem like there is a limit. Just tried editing a post I made in august last year and it works fine. I didn’t try saving it though, but I don’t think Discourse is so sadistic it lets you edit a post and then deny you saving it. :slight_smile:


I get your point, I don’t feel offended by your honesty.

I usually do these types of stuff because I want myself and my content to be more “popular” like other people/content on the forums. I didn’t feel like my content was rushing the site’s release, but now I do since on what you said-- my mind goes places. :man_shrugging:

I do also think that the promos help people get notified on the series and that I don’t want them to miss out on something cute/cool.

There’s another reason-- I want people to have inspiration. Maybe they could create something similar to my content, or get to know me better and appreciate me as a supporter.

But if you do suggest that the self-promos are a bit too much and that I should slow down, I will take your word and take a break from them and just move to the Bulletin Board.

Thanks for your explanation. I’ll be sure to be a little better at slow content on here-- I’ll stick on the artworks more (maybe because they have more attention…).

I think you’re going about this a bit backwards… I’d say that people care about story first and if they find the story engaging they start to care about the characters.

That’s not to say what you are doing isn’t useful, but character design sheets and information is mainly for your own use, so you can keep track of what the characters looks like and the continuity of your story.

You can include some information when new characters are introduced. Minna Sundberg over at SSSSComic does so in a good way, a small info box in one of the first pages a character appears:

An example:

SSSSComic page 32


Another example:

SSSSComic page 60


Later, when the reader has been through the ups and downs of the character’s life you can post full pages with one character, info about their favourite desserts etc. and people will still care because they are getting to know the characters better.

But when you start with random images and information about characters people won’t know why they should care about them.

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I think I removed the limit. Not sure right now I’ll check again later. But it was getting in the way of plugin authors editing their first posts so I removed/extended the limit



That is excellent information. I actually do that sometimes when I create new characters-- give special information about them in the picture.

Honestly, I don’t know what else to say other than I feel advantageous that you guys are giving me excellent material and opinions on what I should do with future threads, and that it doesn’t bother me either.

I feel like that some times aren’t the best times to talk about something that doesn’t feel like it’s getting enough attention, and I understand that.

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