Editing text on mobile device dificult

This is a thing I noticed a long time ago but I thought it was just my old pone or old version of Firefox, I got a new phone now, everything is up to date but I still have issues on the phone. The issue is that I can sometimes not edit text when writing a post, it happens as soon as I move the caret by pressing somewhere else. It seems like instead of moving the caret it selects the text behind the text area (since it is just a pop up). Its actually even visible by scrolling the website in the background. When you start to type the caret in the text area resets to its previous location. Another issue is that sometimes it is hard to push the buttons, probably for a similar reason. I have to push slightly over the create topic or similar button to have an affect. I can still see the push animation when pushing it directly but for it to have an actual effect usually have to press slightly over it. This already caused me to accidentally post a message when I actually wanted to just move the caret there or even cancel the input.

This might be a bug in discourse software. Thanks for bringing it to notice. I, too, have experienced it. I will search for this in the discourse support forum.

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