Elf Portrait


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Nice portrait , nice lighting and colors.

If I may provide critique, I would say that the ears can be coming from within the hairs it would look more natural.


I agree, I started to notice it after a day being done. Thank you for liking my first post!

Thanks for joining the forum. :slight_smile:

I really like the lighting in this portrait.

A small bit of critique on the placement and shape of some of the facial features. The right eye, from our perspective, seems a bit taller than the left eye. Just a slight mismatch that stuck out to me.

The other thing that feels a bit off is how the skin rolls over the cheekbones doesn’t seem to be consistent between the two sides of the face. I understand that faces typically aren’t symmetrical, but it seems like the right cheek, from our perspective, puffs out a bit more than the left cheek, just under the cheek bone.

Also, a quick trick that you probably already know is to flip the canvas horizontally, or even rotate the canvas upside down. This refreshes what your eyes or looking at, and can sometimes help point things out that our eyes naturally get used to when we stare at the canvas for long periods of time.

Thanks for sharing your artwork, I like this portrait.

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Thank you for the critique and trick. This will help me a lot in improving my crafts in the future :+1:

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I forgot to mention that there is a keyboard shortcut in Krita to quickly, and permanently, flip the canvas. Just press the “m” to flip horizontally.

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Absolutely beautiful. Well done💖

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Wow, this is amazing! The lighting is really well done, and I love the fact that the face isn’t entirely symmetrical. The way just a few hairs wrap around her finger is great. Thanks for sharing this!

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Very nice! I like the colour palette in this.

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Really good job!

I like her eyes color and lips shape.

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Very nice…Would like to see the complete character

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Thank you for appreciating my work, though this project was only planned for being a portrait :slightly_smiling_face:. Soon I’ll be sharing more :+1:.