emptiness - portrait study

Started as a drawing study, but it was so enjoyable that I couldn’t stop til the end:

I also posted a timelapse on YT, it has a few seconds so it may not be the best for learning, but if anyone have any questions that I could give some help on, I’ll be glad to help :smiley:


Great forms of the head!

Maybe reflect even more of the green skin tones in the hair to integrate it more?

Also, some red in the shadows of the skin from the background?

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Looks great, I’d love to see it in a dim light, so that her horns shine a little bit more
Hmm, I like it!

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“Integrate more” that’s some nice feedback, I opened the file again and thought on what I could do upon that.

I think the background and the foreground are looking more part of the same scene now hahahaha


That is exactly how I see it! Great improvement!

I always put some red on the nose tip, but that is just me I guess, haha!