This is the environment early sketch

More into it.

A lot of blender type brush, round default bushes. I tried to get a dramatic scene which I think kinda worked out but had a something slightly different in mind. I have some ideas where to go with this at a later time. I already learned a lot on this one so time to move on.


That’s a captivating shot ! Drama is on point !

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Thank you!

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Added some more WIP shots.

WOW! The way the beasts lighting blue streaks reflect in the snow is astounding! Wonderful job.

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Soma !!! Its gorgeous . i love the progression images too. Gives me a chance to learn from you. :slight_smile:

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Very nice! If I could critique something, it appears the human approaching the dragon is either too short, or his legs are inside the terrain. Makes sense if it’s snow, but a trail could be a cool addition!

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you made this ? :open_mouth: its is amazing ! so detailed !

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Love it. It’s beautiful.

That first one was the sketch? :kissing: I wonder how you very first rough sketches look like!