Encountering strange cursor artifacting on 5.1.1

I was unsure if I should report this as a bug so I wanted to post it here before escalating it to the tracker. I have been having some strange artifacts appear over my cursor when running it over previously drawn lines and when it goes off the canvas. It also seems that the cursor hides itself in certain parts of the canvas, visible in the video when the cursor disappears.

I’m running it on OpenSUSE on wayland under AMD hardware using the latest mesa drivers.
Doesn’t seem like new users can upload attachments, so I’ll just leave this imgur link with the video proof of my problem here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Apologies if this violates a rule, I’m just desperate to see if anyone knows a solution.

Most likely Wayland is your problem, run Krita under X11, and it should be okay.


I hope this stops being the solution sometime soon, Wayland has come a long way and many, many people are finally switching over to it.
I’m aware it isn’t fully compatible yet with many features Krita requires to run optimally, but I sincerely hope Krita doesn’t get stuck in the rut of ‘just don’t upgrade your system ever’ as the solution.

Edit: For some reason people are claiming that I think this is Krita’s problem. If I thought it was Krita’s problem I’d be submitting bug reports on it. As I said above, Wayland is not ready for digital painting yet. I was merely expressing concerns that when it is ready for painting, that Krita hopefully adopts it.

In general Wayland isn’t ready yet for digital painting. At least for Plasma’s current Wayland support: There’s no proper color management and tablet GUI configuration is bare. Also, the Qt version that Krita currently supports isn’t really Wayland-compatible, and updating the Qt libraries involves fixing a variety of regressions and/or re-implementing features that future Qt versions don’t support.

Colour management is not present for any DE as far as I know because the protocol is not ready yet. It will be probably 2-3 years away now. This is not just krita’s fault for being stuck as it is being implied here.

I went back and tested Krita under x11 and had the same problem, again as proof here’s an imgur video link.

Any other ideas of what I could try?

Check if hardware acceleration is enabled in krita settings. Which graphic card are you using?

In case you’re using the distro package, I would recommend using the appimage you can find at Krita Desktop | Krita instead.

Yep that fixed it, and I’m using a 6750XT. Could it have been an issue with my mesa drivers?

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What settings did you use to fix it? was hardware acceleration off for you? If this is from the reporsitory, like @tom mentioned I would suggest you use the appimage from the official website.

I just switched off canvas graphics acceleration, and yes I am using the one from the repository. I just tested the latest stable AppImage and it was actually worse as the artifacts would remain where they appeared after the cursor moved away.

Then what you did was a workaround. If you switch off canvas acceleration then canvas navigation like panning etc will be choppy. Do you have amd drivers installed?

No I only have the community made mesa drivers, though I’m not sure if I’d want to switch drivers as the mesa ones perform better than amds. Is there an easy way to switch between the two or will I have to uninstall one and reinstall the other every time I want to use Krita?

There are open source drivers for amd, you can use those. No need to install the proprietary ones. You are probably running on the barebones default drivers

Appimage is just download, mark executable and run no need to install. it will use the config files of your repo version but you can isolate by making a folder adjacent to the downloaded appimage with same name as the appimage + .home. Just rename the appimage to krita-5.1.1 (without the extension) and add a folder adjacent to it with the name krita-5.1.1.home and then run the appimage.

Downgraded Krita to 5.0.8 worked for me