Entry point not found

I downloaded krita on my windows but it says your entry point not found.
please please tell me how to fix this. i tried download portable version but its all zip. file then i downloaded shell extension but i dont know how to download with shell extension.
i have win. 7 64bit.
please help me i bought old pc for digital art now i dont have money for drawing software.


We don’t support Windows 7 anymore; I would really suggest you to move to Linux or update. If that is not possible, I would suggest trying the installer. If that doesn’t work, try an older version of Krita, like 4.2.7.

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I don’t know how to download older version.
I visited older version section on krita website but there wasn’t download link.
Can you send download link for windows 7 version?

Here: https://download.kde.org/Attic/krita/

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Thank you for help.I will try installing.

I would also suggest you to try linux since it will work better for older PC . message me if you need any help in installing it.

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thank you for answering.
i tried older version(4.2.7) as suggested but still it says entry point not found.
i cant switch to linux. i has to use windows 7 please help me out

Even older versions are here: https://download.kde.org/Attic/krita/. That specific dll missing is an indication of a problem with your windows installation. Try installing this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145

Windows 10 is free to download from Microsoft. You will get a small text in the lower right corner that you should buy it, but as long as you can ignore that text it’s free to use.

Edit: Oops, seems like I replied to an old thread. Sorry!