Eraser follow brush preset. any shortcut to change it to solid eraser?

i got this problem, where when erasing it follows my brush settings, it is okay for a brush that is not pointed. I know that you can have the eraser to have it save on the ten brushes and use the slash (/) for the eraser to be bold without resizing it. but i dont know where to change it to other shortcut name. its a bit cumbersome as the slash(/) is too far. but i found a bit of solution that may help . you can change the shortcut of " use pen pressure" to W and when you erase something you can tap E and tap W to make your eraser solid and not follow the brush settings. and tap w again after you finish to go back to your brush preset again. (how to change it. go to configure shortcut and search (use pen pressure). it got no shortcut and you can add the W so its near the E shortcut of eraser.)

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Honestly, I can hardly find my way through your text block - and I don’t really understand what you are talking about, it could be because I have a fever, but mainly I have a hard time grasping this paragraphless text.

If you’re looking for an eraser like Photoshop offers, I’ll have to refer you to a plugin since Krita doesn’t have that functionality. (It was created to accommodate people with a desire for a Photoshop-like eraser (that’s my interpretation).)

Regarding the shortcuts in Krita, in addition to the “Keyboard Shortcuts” there is also the “Canvas Input Settings” where you can customize “painting related” shortcuts, i.e. shortcuts that “take place on the canvas”, like “Pan” and “Zoom”. Take a look inside, and you will grasp their meaning.
But I don’t understand why you want to customize the name of the shortcut, isn’t it enough to be able to assign the shortcut according to your preferences?

Could you possibly explain your wish differently, or are there other users who understand what @rodolf_lum is asking or looking for, I am currently overwhelmed?


Addendum: This is mainly a computer translation, because I have a fever and feel weak, and apologize for this.

The slash (/) is for last used preset, so if you use brush2 following brush1, press “/” will switch to brush1.
Ten brush script shortcut can be changed here

My other setup have assigned Q for a) Eraser Circle and W for a) Eraser Small via Ten Brushes script.

thanks for replying yes i want the eraser to be like any other software. first to get a plugin is not the solution, and to do the / is too far away to reach. but i find this solution as easy as the 2 above. first go to shortcut and add W as a shortcut to :use pen Pressure: search use pen pressure in configure shortcut. then erasing with this tapping E and W will make erasing easy and avoiding hard pressing your pen. and the good thing is holding shift and increase brush size is it will remember it. when you erase again. and when exiting tap again the E and the W it will return you the brush preset with out making the brush bigger, and after using it will erase to the last eraser brush size. you can try it. and comment if it makes it convinient than using 3 combo. like the ten brush preset in krita.