Error while reinstalling Krita

Hi, could you somebody please help me. I have Win10, 64bit laptop and have been using Krita for few days. But yesterday I had to uninstall it for some reason and now when I want to Install it again (ver. 4.3.0.), its not possible for some error.

After starting the instalation it says: Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files\Krita (x64)\bit\Qt5Concurrent.dll

If I ignor it other error will ocure: the same just the file is Qt5COre.dll

And so on

What can I do to solve this? I realy want to use Krite its amazing. Thank you very much for any help.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Why did you feel that you had to uninstall it?
What method did you use to unistall it?

Did your initial installation, a few days ago, happen with no problems?
Where did you get krita from and how did you install it?
When you reinstalled it, did you do this using the same method and from the same source?
Are you sure you have enough space on your C: drive?

I stay away from Windows installation problems because they can be complicated. Your answers to the above questions may give a clue to someone who does know about this sort of thing.

It is possible to bypass this problem altogether if you use the portable/standalone .zip package for Windows. Download the .zip package from here:

It will then be in your Downloads folder. Right-click it and select Extract and accept the suggested name for the destination folder. That will spend a little bit of time extracting the contents of the .zip package to give you a folder called krita-x64-4.3.0. Inside that you’ll see a file called ‘krita’ (or ‘krita.lnk’, it’s a Windows shortcut file). Double click it to run it and then you’ll be running krita 4.3.0.

(I use portable .zip files wherever possible because it’s much simpler and less complicated than installing stuff and possibly having to uninstall and reinstall stuff. That’s probably just me though.)

Edit: Factual Correction:
If you want to have a shortcut on your desktop to run it, go into the ‘bin’ folder which you’ll see in the same listing as the krita(.lnk) file, find krita.exe in there and make a shortcut to it then move the shortcut to the desktop.

Hi AhabGreybeard,
thank you for your advices…and your time:). I unistalled it, because there where some dificulties with animation, which I mainly wanted to use (that problam would be probabyl possible to solve by some other action, but I were lazy to look for it, so I just tried to reinstall the sw). I unistalled it through windows and reinstall by instalation from (which i used for initial instalation too).
I am sure about the space in HD.

Now i try your suggested way via file and hopefully its gonna work. Thank you again. Cause Krita seems great to me and I would like to use it more with kids (I am working in school and wanted to use krita to familiarize them with drawing sw and animation).