Even on my clean installed OS, the pressure issue remains

The issue hasn’t disappeared with my new OS installation.
Now, ontop of suffering from lag caused by a moderate amount of undos in the Undo history, I also lose pressure if I stay inactive from my opened Krita app for a while.
At this point this is just a minor quality bug. Doesn’t hinder workflow.
The only disadvantage is that it forces you to close Krita and restart it.
So, as long as you’re not inactive for a way too great period of time in Krita, or keeps working in the software until you close it, you should be fine.

All in all, Krita definitely has issues in need of a fix.
I fear that due to the minor nature of the quality bug here, it might take a while(maybe even a couple more years) before a proper fix arrives.

Feedback done this Sunday November, the 20th 2022. Krita 5.1.0 beta 2 was being used.

Please open a bug report with logs and system information and steps to reproduce on bugs.kde.org otherwise this will go unnoticed

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Though, I’ll do it a little later because Krita maintainers are currently on vacation it seems. There’s not much progress currently with the development and maintenance.

I do not think anyone is on vacation. If you file the report they can check it when they come back or have time. Again it is your choice when to report it.

@novames00 Here’s the link to the weekly update that was posted yesterday. You might be amazed at how much is happening from the dev side.

Weekly update Nov. 21, 2022


So much for me.
Alright. I guess there’s some people truly active out there. :sweat_smile:


@raghukamath @Sooz I noticed that even when I work and perform a few actions or brush strokes, the undo data never increases in memory. Is this normal and could it be the reason my undo history slows Krita down the more it’s filled?


Hi @novames00 - I don’t know the answer but you should really open a new topic for this question as the topic we’re in right now is about the pressure issue on your machine. If you wish, we can split it for you into a new topic. Just let us know.

By the way, when you open the bug report to report the pressure issue, please copy the link into this topic so others can follow it if they want to.


Does it work properly with other drawing apps, such as e.g. MyPaint, ArtRage, Gimp, Photoshop, etc.? If not, this may be hardware/driver issue.

Yes it works properly with all other drawing softwares.
I even downloaded Photoshop 2023 and the lag that was present on my previous OS installation has vanished. My brush strokes were in other words very fast in PS for the 1st time. Krita alone is what worries me.
I did nothing wrong still. I don’t understand why the undo history causes lags the more it’s filled(up to 400 steps).

I was wrong about the undo data. It works correctly and increases over time as you keep drawing.
Now, the issue that remains is the undo causing stutters/lags.
But again, I still think I should wait for the vacation of the maintainers to end.
There already are plenty of bugs reported which aren’t fixed yet. When you also check Krita plus builds, there’s not much changes with each build currently.
I’ll wait for a later time before reporting bugs.

Devs are quite busy on other stuff from reading the meeting note.
Report your lag issue, maybe add your computer spec (I doubt it is OS+performance dependant), if devs have time they will take a look.

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As I said earlier they are not on vacation.


This is a little bit offtopic, but I don’t know where else to ask this so that I can get an answer. Where can you read dev meeting notes? I want to stay informed and know what’s coming to Krita, but can’t figure out where that sort of info is available.




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Adding to @Grum999’s comment, here’s the dev news that was published last night.