Ever since the v5.0 beta of Krita came : pen pressure loss after hours of inactivity

Ever since I tested the first Krita 5.0 prealpha version I could find available and up until the beta was released, I’m experiencing a pen pressure loss after hours of inactivity in Krita.
Once again this was not the case with previous versions of the app I tested(v4.0.x - v4.4.x).
And if the problem doesn’t come from Krita, I’ve implored you to bring a command that triggers the whole process Krita starts to detect pen tablet in use. I’m on Windows 10. Woke up this morning, the issue just keeps repeating. Why now ? Why with this Krita version ?

This not a bug in Krita. The problem is that the tablet driver recycles or removes Krita’s pen context (an object internal to the driver) after that period of inactivity, and doesn’t tell Krita, so Krita doesn’t know it should recreate the context.

The only solution is to not do this: if you leave Krita open because you have a lot of images loaded, use Krita’s session management so Krita automatically restores your last session when you reopen it in the morning.

Then this might be a compatibility problem of Huion drivers with Krita 5.0.

But then probably only with you. At least for me, this combination runs for days without showing these problems.


I also have a Huion tablet and this does not happen to me, maybe it is the driver version, I still use version 14.

sorry but thats not a solution. if you know thats happening why dont you just recreate the context once per hour or so ?

other progs dont have this problem. krita looses the pen pressure but clipstudio doesnt …

It sounds cruel but the problem is not Krita but the driver in any case, I do not have that problem with my Huion but if another problem that only affects Krita, this is resolved by updating the driver to the latest version but I end up losing some features that I use in Clip and Sai, so it’s the same and I can’t go tell the developers of these two programs to fix a driver problem.

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maybe its the driver , ill believe it… but other art progs all seem to have a fix build in then… the problem only exists for krita (and blender occasionally )
i have the huion 22 plus btw

I am gonna state the obvious now…

How about not leaving your computer ON for hours without end? Like tunning it off. You sleep computer sleeps too turned off.

Managing your computer correctly helps. Not to mention helps with your computer life time and electricity spent.

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maybe you render a part of your video in those hours , for me that bug happens during sleep or on wakeup i dont know … not as bad as the alpha but occassionally … otherr people might work for 2 or 3 hours in blender or sculpt/animate/whatever and then return to their 4 opened textures and 2 unsaved scratchfiles in krita just to see that they need to restart krita … parents might let the kids watch a movie or two on the laptop while they do the dishes and laundry …its not obvious… telling other people to use their pc better , becasue you are much betterer in the pc usage lol


I swear that something can be done about it in Krita’s code.
We’re not talking about a bug here, but rather software quality, function stability and robustness.
We’re talking about an issue that is not supposed to happen, ever, at all.
Behold Krita devs released a new version and the issue now happens.
Why in the world is that issue happening with Krita 5 while it’s not the case with older versions.
Is it a side effects of the resource rewrite ? It may not be a bug, but it’s an annoying issue.
Nobody is supposed to contact Huion or Wacom for this kind of problem. Right ?
Or should we ? Will Krita devs do something about it ? I just don’t know.
Please, Krita devs, do what you can for things to come back to normal.

isnt it just as simple as sending a simple message to the driver telling him “hey im still here”. most signals probably autotrigger such a function in the driver anyways.

That’s funny, there was a message on which I answered and then, it have been deleted?

Then my answer is useless… Sorry :sweat_smile:


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it happens to all of us, we write something and then think that I shouldn’t have said this. Happened to me too.

Yes I know, but usually when you delete a post, the post is marked as deleted for 24hrs
Not totally destroyed in the seconds :man_shrugging:

But ok, no problem
I’ll delete my answer too as original post and user disappeared :sweat_smile:


Regarding the deleted answer. I do think PS manages to work even with a tablet that has the drivers installed incorrectly or need fixing. These complaints or requests are really first world problems on it working even with bad power management.

Of course it would be nice to work even so but considering the possible fix it might cause more issues than just restarting krita possibly and having the driver work would be best, but I am guessing here.

I want to say that, even when you stay in the app without quitting focus, but remain inactive for hours, the pen pressure gets lost.
What is wrong at all ? Krita… What happened in your code to allow this ?
If the problem doesn’t come from Krita itself, one thing is sure : this happened after changes were made to Krita’s code. Ah.
And as a workaround, I suggested that Krita tries to behave like if it was restarting, except that it’s only the pen detection process that would be triggered, just as if the app was launched. And this to avoid having to restart Krita. Is it impossible to have this solution for now ? :man_facepalming:

Want it? Code it. Have it!
Need an Example?


But still, aren’t Krita core developers best fit for this ?
I’d understand if they’re busy trying to fix/implement many other things/bugs. I’m just wondering
what are their thoughts on this ? Other than “this problem doesnt come from Krita itself”, but more like “this is what the workaround looks like if relaunching Krita is an issue”.

Have you tried switching to WinTab in the tablet settings? In Photoshop Windows Ink was responsible for a lot of pressure related issues.