Exported SVG distorted

I’m having trouble with trying to make a logo in Krita. I have two lines of text with a border vector in-between and everything is centered. But when I save the layer as an SVG, the border and the bottom text end up to the right when I open the SVG. I don’t know what the issue is.

I don’t have any offset like that when I do Layer -> Import/Export -> Save Vector Layer as SVG and then open the .svg file with krita or inkscape.
Please give more details of the situation and ideally post a download link to the source .kra file and the .svg file.

I also do Layer -> Import/Export -> Save Vector Layer as SVG, but when I just want to view it in a browser, mine automatically opens it in chrome and it ends up distorted.

I didn’t know how to share the svg file but I hope this link works: https://sendeyo.com/en/2b3ecb2fe4

I also uploaded the .kra one as a PNG:

That gave me the .svg file and I see the offset, Can you upload the .kra file to https://uploadfiles.io/ (free, no registration required, 30 days max storage) and post the link address here?
Your .svg image is 60 x 30 pixels in my viewer, which is strange. Can you also upload the .svg file to there in case the site you used did some kind of scaling on it?

Of course!

.kra file: https://ufile.io/vifwunlv
.svg file: https://ufile.io/5koj57wb

Thank you for those files.
Your .kra file is very small and the text goes off the right hand side of the canvas but that doesn’t seem to be the cause of the problem.
I’ve made a similar vector image and if I export it to .svg then it imports fine back into krita but it shows scaling offset with the ‘decorative’ lines, but not with the text, in other applications and in my image viewer. The second text object ‘Example’ does seem to have a vertical offset. Here it is with the exported .svg opened in Inkscape and in krita:

You can make a formal bug report here: https://bugs.kde.org/

I think the general advice is that if you want to do lots of vector work for use in other applications then you should use something like Inkscape.

Okay, thank you so much!