Exporting Selections of an Image

Good Evening! This question concerns exporting parts of an image to a different format.

I have a .kra file that I use as a sketchbook file. I often find myself wanting to export specific sketches to upload online. The way I accomplished this usually was to crop the whole file to the section I wanted, export, then undo the crop. I would not save in-between cropping just in case Krita crashed before I could undo (since I figured auto-recovery would then have me lose the other sketches in the sketchbook).

I’m just curious if there was a different way to accomplish this task? Is it possible to use selections and then specify that only the selected area be exported?

I’ve looked this up, but the only results appear to be from forum/reddit posts that are a few years old. The manual also does not specify how to do this.

With the crop method, I’d Save before cropping, just in case of problems.

The only other method I can think of is to make the selection, then do New Layer From Visible (you can assign a shortcut) to make sure any background layer is included. Then do Ctrl+C (Copy) then do Ctrl+Shift+N (Paste into New Image). Then do the Export.

By making the selection first, you’d have a sequence of three keyboard shortcuts to do, which should be easy enough to remember and perform quickly from memory.

If you have a lot of sketches there, you’d only need to do New Layer from Visible once.