Extend connection between krita-artists.org and krita.org with featured gallery from krita-artists.org on krita.org

I’d like to suggest that considering this is an official part of krita.org (at least that’s how I understand it from krita’s website) it would be nice to implement a widget on krita’s website which loads the featured category from krita-artists and displays the artwork on the website with links included right on the homepage or something similar for ease of us and promotion of both this forum and krita art.

(While I’m on the topic of krita’s website there are mutliple links called forum but they lead to 2 sites, one is kde, one is here, both supported, is krita-artists taking over? I’m just a bit confused what is what now.)

I’m not sure if this is the best section to post this topic but I haven’t found another one that would fit better, sorry if I missed something.


Well, we have been talking about this from the start but we wanted to give krita-artists a little more time, so probably we would just have this thing implemented after the holidays, :upside_down_face: