Eyedropper not working. Please help!

When I try to use the eyedropper tool it seems to turn transparent. The opacity is 100% on this layer and I didn’t turn on any special settings. Please help!


Looks like it just picked up black color. 0 in red, green and blue is black.

There’s no black in the canvas. I painted it green and red to test. It doesn’t pick up any color.

Can you screenshot the entire workspace so that we see the bottom status bar and the layers docker?

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I don’t have any alpha settings on, and I clicked on the solid blue color. It shows up as a colorless block

The active layer seems to be empty. The color picker dialogue only samples the active layer, i believe.

Try holding ctrl down (temporarily switches from brush tool to eye dropper tool) and click on the area you wanna sample instead of using the dialogue.

that seems to work thanks! (tho the eyedropper next to the color wheel still doesn’t work)

The eye dropper tool invoked by holding ctrl samples all layers by default and that button doesn’t and gives nothing when the active layer has nothing on it, like it seems to be the case on your screenshot. But I can’t test it myself right now.

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that makes more sense. ty for your time!

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