Fan art for kiki. questions

I was thinking the other day about the krita promotion thing and it would be cool to draw Kiki simply.

I know am not Tyson tan good drawing or anything but is it preferred to make Kiki all manga like style or another style would be acceptable also? I do not force myself into any style by default so I was curious because I try to adapt. Like is her universe manga? is her world in the future/present? I guess is what I am trying to ask.

I wanted to make something for krita to be able to use if I get good enough for it. I have these ideas for the longest while but after that talk I was a bit unsure on the execution path I should take after hearing people talk details.

And also Kiki seems to change a bit every time and her surroundings too so I imagine she likes sight seeing? She changes a lot because she is a robot? Are there humans in her world or are they just not in the shot? Or is it like an idealistic world where only her exists so there are no traces of other humans? (Like would she ever see a car or a city)


How I see Kiki is kinda like how I see Krita, libre and free to adapt, though I am not fully sure if that’s the intention. I just feel that way since I see her drawn in so different styles and designs, and because it’s for a program that is the same way.
Though I am curious as well, it would be very interesting to see what Tyson says about this!

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Kiki seems to be quite an open character, provided she is treated with respect. Description Lore looks like a call to interested artists to send Kiki on adventures

“Kiki’s Lore
Kiki is a budding artist robot made by the dragons of KDE Valley. She travels through time/space/universes to study the works of the masters, and to enrich her life experiences for her creative endeavor. She meets all sorts of person/characters in her journey, and even other incarnations of herself!” Mascot Kiki | Krita

She is a peaceful character, but for some reason I see her in a battle with Evil Erasers (in the form of an alpha channel transparency grid - symbolizing the emptiness of the canvas and her desire to fill the world with colors)



So she is like a multiverse traveller :exploding_head:


Tyson is fine with derivative work! I’d like to see Kiki, not battle, but befriend those raging erasers, and then herd them like sheep :slight_smile:


Kiki is going to herd erasers? Kiki, do save some for me!

So she’s like… Kiki, the Planeswalker? Interesting.

Do you mean the kiki bot? I can draw here but she will be trash because I had to get my drawing tablet fixed

If you followed the link @Andreich_DMBL gave a few postings up, then you would already know the answer, there can find a bunch of information about our mascot Kiki. And Kiki-Bot can be seen as a “representation” or “manifestation” of Kiki, if you like.

“Kikibot” is a name of a bot just on this forum It performs stuff like welcoming new users. It’s a standard bot for Discourse forums (like this one), but every forum chooses a name and avatar that fits the forum, so for Krita its name is Kikibot and it’s avatar is Kiki’s image.

Kiki is a name of the mascot, the one you see every time you open Krita :slight_smile: She’s much older than this forum. More images and info on Kiki is here: Mascot Kiki | Krita

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