Fantasy Animation #3


I love your artwork style and the short cycle animations. I hope you make and post many more :smiley:

This is a good one.

Nice job. You have a simple yet charming art style! Have you ever thought of doing a motion web comic?

Thanks man !

Thanks, yep it’s planned ^^

Thank you ! I already do some narrative things but not that much, I like the idea to make a comic in this style, maybe with or without animations, I also make games that takes most of my time but I’ll thinks about that ^^

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The motion comic was just an idea I wanted to throw out there for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s cool that you make games! I use to make games, but after time it became harder for me to stay focused on them, plus it’s a lot of work. Mostly just focus on animation for short films now. And comics. I’ll try and check out some of your games on Itch at some point.

Yep making games is long and I like doing other little things aside to vary a little, with my brother and a friend we currently working on a board game, and making a comics could be an other cool project too, I would be happy to have your feedback on our games, good luck with your projects !

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So cool ! And it’s so narrative !

Thanks man !


Your animations are great and very cute! I love!

Lovely! Your animations really evoke a nice sense of place, great job!

Great work! :clap:

I particularly like the palette you have chosen.

All of your animations are so great! I really love the colors, shape design and shot composition.