Faulty brush installation

I have now installed Krita 5.00. Since I wanted the IForce32 and my others with me and didn’t know how to install them, I copied them into Appdata Krita. Because the installation is very different. When starting up for the first time, it was almost normal that the brushes could be used. Only the Ifor brushes don’t. They were displayed, had no cross, but a completely different brush was used for painting. And when I later wanted to open Krita again, the opening broke off.
Should I now install a 4.8 version again, with my brushes and then the 5 afterwards?

Actually, no. The brush tips of the IForce presets must not be copied with their folders (Atmospheric and Light, Environment Brushes - classic Brushtips, Environments 2.0 Brushtips, Forest Vegetation 1, Forest Vegetation 2, Forest Vegetation 3, IForce73, Leaves and Flowers, Mountains and Structures, Trees and Bushes - the ones you use of them) into the “brushes” directory, but they must be copied from these folders directly into the “brushes” directory. Or in other words you should not have a subdirectory for these brush tips in the “brushes” directory.

BTW: In between, Krita 5.0.2 is out, and I would advise updating to that version because it has some good and important Patches.


Ahabgreybeard has had success doing the installation this way in 5.0…

If you use Settings → Manage Resources Libraries to Import the .bundles and then use Settings → Manage Resources then use the Import Resources button to import the brush tips, that seems to work.

I tried it that way on the Android version and it worked nicely.



Unfortunately I am unable to get these brushes to work in Krita 5.2. It would be nice if a Critainan would set this brush for me with Teamwiver. It would be great if it were a German speaker. Otherwise I would have to look for an alternative

Du hast Zugriff auf Kritas Resourcenordner, richtig? Also “c:\Users\DEIN WINDOWS USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\krita\”, oder kannst Du den Ordner nicht erreichen?


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It would be even more nice if someone could remake/repackage this entire collection as fully integrated bundles.
This would not be a trivial task though.

The latest collection (version 3 I think) has seven bundle files containing a total of 98 .kpp files and only .kpp files.
There are seven matching folders that contain brushtip files.

All (except for one) brushtip folders have an equal or lesser number of brushtip files that the number of .kpp files in the corresponding kpp bundle.
(The lesser number is probably when more than one .kpp file uses the same brushtip.)
One brushtip folder has one more brushtip files than the number of .kpp files in the corresponding .kpp bundle. I’ve no idea why that could be.

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