feather selections.

I would like to request the ability for a feather selection slider that is (sticky) so to speak. Probably not quite the right term. In other words, once I set the feathering in the selection tool settings it stays at that value until I change it or maybe leave session. As it is now, once I close the selection tool settings it reverts back to 5 every time. Time consuming when using multiple selections that you need the same, or maybe even different feathering amounts.

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It should just remember last used value, that’s what you mean, right?

It’s easy to do, I added it to the Beginners Coding Tasks so it can have some more visibility and maybe some newbie volunteer will implement it. See Beginner coding tasks in Krita: easy and short feature requests, ready to implement

Yes, Remembering last used value. Also a slider for value would be great too…but just remembering value would do the trick with or without a slider. Thanks a million.

Regarding this point, I hope it is also effective for other tools such as deformation tools. I always use a 3x3 grid, but it defaults to 2x2

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