Feature request: Feathering toggle for freehand selection

While rendering my illustrations I often make selections for my shades, which I then want to feather to not have a sharp terminator.
When using the contiguous selection tool (magic wand) I can set it to feathering in my tool options which helps a lot.
The contiguous selection tool however isn’t entirely suited for situations where I for instance want to have shadows in a specific small part of the drawing.
To achieve feathering I need to press the shortcut for it (the default is Shift+F6 I believe), which gets tedious if I’m doing a lot of small selections in a row.
In my personal workflow I’m already merging down and creating new layers a lot as well, as a result a lot of button pressing is involved.

I would like to request being able to activate the feathering function in the tool options of the freehand selection tool, and would maybe even suggest extending that to all selection tools.


Yes this makes sense +1 from me.

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How does this work? Do you get notice if such a suggestion makes it in, or do you have to wait and see?

If some volunteer or the core dev is interested in implementing this feature they will work on it, sometimes they will make a post here to ask people about opinion on it. It it is released it will be in the release notes.


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