Feature requests: Krita-artists to KDE bugtracker (wishlist) procedure

I was wondering, since I have been posting quite a few feature requests as of late: what is the procedure for adding feature requests to KDE? Are users expected to file them at Krita-artists, so that feature requests are pre-filtered before adding them to KDE? Is there anyone responsible for moving feature requests over to the official board and or are users expected to do this once the discussion is settled?

All feature requests for KDE should be put into bugzilla.

Are you referring to KDE as in the organization? The framework? the KDE forum? or Krita software?

Please read this documentation page about making a feature request - Developing Features — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation

Also you are correct please post the feature request here first. That way people will add their opinion (even it is different that what you suggest, even if the post gets long etc, it is nature of the debate). People can state what they expect from the feature and how it can be improved by taking into consideration the complaints and points made by everyone. It will also help the devs to see which feature request is popular and is interesting for users and then they can prioritize it.

Once the set of requirement is clear, the developer can asses and make a definitive list of thing to code and implement rather than doing trial and error.

Often times the developers will pick the feature request or will ask the user to file a bug report.

So, all things considered, users are requested to make the report and should only do so when requested. If I understand you correctly, the devs are more or less responsible for moving a feature request over to the KDE bugtracker as a wish, unless they request a user to.

Thanks for the elaborate response!

Yes from what I have seen and understood. Even this page about reporting bugs in the manual - Reporting Bugs — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation mentions that you need to ask on chatroom (IRC) or here on krita artists if you are unsure of the bug.

Also this is not a strict rule, people still directly report feature request, but it only adds in developers time in triaging the request. If the feature request is made here and debated and deliberated then it becomes easier for the developers to understand the underlying problem to solve by taking into consideration everyone’s workflow etc.

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