Featured artwork on top looks broken

I have been seeing this artwork and some others pop up from time to time.
I’m not trying to hate on the art but come on the header looks broken! this one place could be filled with a new featured art but some of them keep popping back up again and again. are you guys aware of this and going to fix it?
I mean it works fine on blender artists… why it’s broken here?


I think @raghukamath changed plugin few weeks ago and then, the header seems to display now some randomly featured topics.


so is this every day random, weekly random? is it because we have so few arts to feature from that you guys switched to that method? or is it just acting up on it’s own and will be fixed? :thinking:

I think the previous plugin was not working very well… :man_shrugging:
Need to wait for @raghukamath answer about all your questions, but my point of view is the new plugin is not working very well :sweat_smile:


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You got a point there!
“In the past”, the bar was displayed at the top of every forum page. But since something had to be changed a few weeks ago (I think it was about a bug, but I can be wrong) it is only displayed above the artwork category, which is actually quite pointless, because then I’m already at the place to which this bar should draw attention.


Yeah this is an issue with the plugin we are using. Earlier like blender artists we were using the plugin called Topic List Preview. It used to work good. But this plugin was redone due to changes in discourse’s handling of thumbnails and the older plugin was deprecated. You can check out the post in the linked forum.

The new plugin has this issue where the post with latest activity resurfaces. I have intimated the developer of this plugin - Topic List Previews Theme Component - #20 by raghukamath - theme - Discourse Meta
I don’t think there will be a fix for it unfortunately, but who knows.

Regarding blender artists website working, I think they haven’t yet migrated to newer plugin or they might have their own version of the plugin. I will ask them what they are doing.

I know this is annoying, it is for me too. The new one has other bug too where if you open a post with middle click the featured images don’t show up when you go to homepage. I hope all this gets sorted out since it is a new release they have bugs.

Apart from installing the plugin upstream provides at this point of time, I am not in a position to develop our own version or maintain it so we have to use whatever upstream provides as is with the bugs.


I also noticed an issue with the likes total - it’s changed recently and seems to be tallying all likes for all posts (by anyone) in an image thread, instead of likes for the main post.

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