Features we need on krita android and desktop (more on android)

One of the first would be optimization for phones and tablets that adjusts the interface to small devices also that the panels are foldable like those of photoshop and since sometimes I’m drawing and suddenly I appear another brush, an optimization with the spen button will also be great if they add all the dockers are in desktop and implement gmic and spen does not work because when I touch the button it only moves the canvas when I have it to switch in draft mode also that Supports gesture with the fingers such as undo and redo with the fingers and long press to select the color and the last fix the unusable buttons like the folder of resources and the glitches and crashes and everything that I say will come true (Someday)and (everything in their time) if it were like that it would be the best free app of all. successes!

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Im not sure if this is a feature request, a bug report or just a general comment mostly because it’s just one very long sentence where it’s hard to tell where on idea ends and the next one starts.

If this is supposed to be a feature request, here is a manual on how to request a feature properly so the team can easily work with it.

@Takiro thanks for the info