feedback Please

I’ve been trying to get better at vast landscapes. I am trying to take in all the tips for creating depth and scale and whatnot . Any tips or feedback on this piece or suggestions on best ways to finish it.

all copyright belongs to me still.


this is really good, the highlights on the shards coming out from the ground give it a great movement.

Suggestion for improved: the ground nearest to the viewpoint is a bit bland, and the top of the tree is a bit to gathered and small, increased detail on the ground such as texture and shadow and the branches of the ree more expansive, however, be careful with the texture it could easily fall out of focus with painting, use the same directional style across the entire thing, but otherwise brilliant, really good, do more

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Yeah, i’m still working on finding my way around creating texture for landscape. I think i’m seeing a few other things i want to work on as I look at it. The tree scale bothered me as soon as I took the last step back to post. Thanks for the feedback.

@knock2 better?


I really like this. I think you did really well when you changed the foreground but as a matter of personal preference I liked the first one better. The semi-abstract approach really worked for me. Still, you can’t please everybody. :smile:

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Great start!

I would recommend looking into Aerial Perspective if you are trying to achieve a vastness to your work. A lot of landscape painters that paint the southwest USA use this to achieve this.

Also, consider Atmospheric Refraction when dealing with the planet rising beyond the horizon. How would the atmosphere of the crystalline landscape warp and distort those objects.

Granted, I don’t have any tips for how to create these in Krita, but all good work starts with great references!

Thanks. I was trying to use some atmospheric perspective (aerial perspective) with just the fog pushing the objects back but thinking back on it I didn’t think long and hard about what particles would exist in this world to refract light and what color that would take on. I’ll have to read up on the refraction again tomorrow when my brain is not fried from a long work week. I should be able to make sense of it, just not tonight :wink:

This is cool art! The only improvement I can think of is the fog. You could try using the Texture-Big stamp with different opacities to give it more depth. Experimenting with different brushes is never a bad idea.

thanks @WaferThin . I’ve been trying to get more familiar with them, there’s a lot to the default krita brushes. Usually when I try drawing with a textured brush for certain things like the fog, i’ve struggled with it looking too mechanical. I think i’m getting the hang of how to correct some of that though so i’ll experiment with it more next time. Thanks!
A few things I wish Krita had that photoshop does as far as brush varience, but I love the fluidity of drawing in Krita versus photoshop. As I become more sure of my desires, I’ll plan to make feature request or investigate development of my own.

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very nice, perfect

Played with this one a little bit more based on the feedback from @waferthin and @ivwands to come up with what I feel is now a much more finished piece. Thanks to you both and @Bleke and @Erisian for the feedback. I may do a few touchups as I see a few spots brought forward by some of my changes but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it.


Great job! This feels way more cohesive and there is a real sense of depth now. The texturing of the ground really elevates the scene. Cheers!

I would take a look at the shadow the figure is casting and make sure that all the objects follow the same logic (big crystal shard, tree).

You should feel good about the progress you’ve made with this piece :100:


I certainly like what you are doing with this. It has come together really well.

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@ivwands Looks like a shadow layer that was supposed to give the tree some shadow got hidden or deleted by mistake, I’ll check on that. the majority of it goes behind the foreground crystal. As for the shard, I was a bit torn since they were supposed to have a bit of a natural light in their core. It probably should cast some shadow though given how strong of a light source I made the planet in the back. Thanks for the tips. I guess i’ll keep working this in my spare time :stuck_out_tongue: Hope to have an update for you guys in a few days, work is killing me (at 12.5 today and waiting on something so I can update production off hours) and I have a request to scale a previous piece I did for print that I need to prioritize… $ 0_o :wink:

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