Feedback thread for the forum

Hey guys,

Despite having the #site-feedback category I thought that may be having a thread will help in getting feedback about this forum.

I would like to request feedback from the members here about the forum. The feedback can be about anything

  • quality or moderation and administration
  • quality of discussion
  • rules or any other aspect of the forum
  • any complaints etc

If you have any critiques about the moderators and admin, we are also welcome to hear those.
I we are a new community and have a long way to go before we would have any opinion but I wanted to start the dialogue and get feedback.

We would also like to hear suggestion to improve the forum, we will consider the suggestion after analyzing how hard it is to maintain or how feasible it is to implement it. For example many users wanted blender-id integration and we tried to install the plugin and thought that it would be just like google or twitter authentication or any other sso, but found that we need to ask the blender devs for the access from their end, we will try to get that in future but right now it is not priority.

I would also like to hear suggestion about curating #featured artworks, currently I and sometimes few other moderators decide to feature an artwork but I would like a proposal for making this more flexible.


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In addition to the artworks you already put into featured yourself, maybe it’s possible to implement an additional voting button next to the like button, for people to vote for artworks they think should be featured. however unlike the like button, vote count and who voted should not be publicly visible. When a work gets enough votes, then one of you gets a notification and can aproove it or not.

In Krita forum I interesting mostly in development of software. But there is too many posts with artwork, so they often repress topics of beginners, “call for help” and development questions in the “Latest posts” section.

That why I suggest to divide “Latest” posts into two section by horizontaly: one is separate for artworks and second for others posts, and artworks section to put below “other”.
Or to dissect “latest” with artworks from posts in some other way .

I’ll check if there is a plugin for discourse to allow voting. Currently we can also see what is on top for the month the number of likes is just like a vote so I feel it might be a duplicate feature. We can check which artwork is at the top for the week or month and feature it depending on the number of likes.

The homepage layout is limited unless we make changes in the forum software. I think you can go to subcategory directly to see the posts related to that and the homepage has all the category listed on the left side.

If you see the numbers there are almost half the number of support posts for the number of artwork post and there are about 1/3 the number of development posts of the support request ones. I feel that prioritizing one over the other will push the users who want to see support and artwork related posts to think that this is development oriented website. Our majority users share artwork and seek help. Still I’ll check what can be done to make the bifurcation better visible.

Meanwhile there is a solution for this in discourse preference. you can mute categories so that they appear on latest post page or feed. So you can mute the #artwork category. Please try this and let me know

Seems like there is a topic voting plugin. I’ll investigate it thanks for suggestion

Not sure, There are a lot of artworks I like but wouldn’t put into featured and the other way around I sometimes see works I would put into featured but for some reason got very little likes. Maybe a view/like ratio? Not sure how to make this a fair process.

Yes I understand the point. Voting can be one metric and also we can ask out regular users to curate and suggest

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The site is called Krita-Artists for a reason though ;D

I have a similar issue to @I9S but worse, because while I definitely prefer the main screen that I get when I mute the whole Artworks category (Artworks topics disappears from the listing of topics), when I go to Artworks category, I still only see posts I interacted with (which are unmuted because of that). It is silly when I go to “latest” and I don’t see any new artworks.

So I would like a solution to somehow filter out Artworks posts from the listing on the main page, but not do that when I go to Artworks category specifically.


  • that way I can see more posts from categories that interests me, maybe something I need to answer,
  • I can still go to see artworks when I have time for it.
  • I don’t really like listings for every specific category. I’m not sure why, they look more, I dunno, intimidating than the main page. Maybe because of subcategories, maybe because of no avatars on the left side (that would help distinguish topics visually)?

This is the main pet peeve of me regarding the forum.

Yes I understand the problem. But I think we need this at user level and not at the forum level. We need a setting for user like adding favorite category for themselves while browsing the forum and not make it permanent bifurcation of forum layout like @I9S suggested earlier . I have not tried but can you try the watched or tracked option? You can set it to watching first post so that you are notified whenever someone makes a new post in that category

Meanwhile I’ll check if there is a plugin that can solve this.

P.S. I always try to find the plugin because I don’t have the expertise or time to make changes to the discourse code and maintain it on each update so any problem we have needs to be solved with plugin (which themselves pose problem while updating).

I just tried muting and for me it doesn’t mute non-interacted artworks and works as expected for this request

No, I like artworks, and I glad to see what people is doing with Krita – it is motivating, and I myself started more intensively use a Krita because of one of the demo by @Deevad.
But sometimes the “Last” page looks spammed for me, especially when you see 4-6 new topics created in short time and posted by very beginner artists in “Finished artwork” section without any tag for critique request or help questions (sort of “Hey, look I made a cool painting with a Krita”).

And I agree with @tiar that to see who is posting is also influence to preference in reading.

Ok, I will try filters what @raghukamath suggests.

Thank you. It does the job.

Btw, it seems option “Don’t blur NSFW content” doesn’t work. I see blurred pictures and need to click to view.

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Yes this is a known bug that I am not able to solve. I’ll look st it again this week