Female portraits in markers

It was quite interesting to see how different of an expression they have from the photos; they were both self-confident in an enticing way, but now the first one is just dreamy, and the second one looks just self-confident.

They were both taken from the felina underwear magazine - my sketches from there usually don’t include faces, because they’re a bit too small.

I used three warm grey brushmarkers: WG1, WG3, WG5. I think I need to buy WG4, because the difference between WG3 and WG5 is much stronger than between WG1 and WG3…


I’ve spent a long time looking for this ‘feline underwear’ magazine and all I get are adverts for cheap underwear with cat pictures on them.
Do I need to go to one of the furry forums?

Ahh, I made a typo, it is felina, not feline :wink: https://www.felina.com/ - just a standard brand of bras and underwear for women. No furry involved as far as I know :wink: I’ll correct it in my posts.

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really nice work on the forms! Do you have a way to soften the edge of the shadows? the form shadows on the face could do with a little softening to get a more realistic feel

The paper in this sketchbook is fine for simple use of alcohol markers, but nothing advanced, not enough to get soft edges… and in some cases, I’m not sure how could I even get them (i.e. the unfortunate highlight on the forehead of the second person). I could buy two more warm grey markers though.

The sketchbook paper is not suitable for watercolors too, so no help from that side either. (It’s Canson Art Book One, for anyone interested).