Figure drawing sketches

License : CC-BY-NC-ND-SA because it has all the things :smiley: Joking. Most of those sketches, at least for now, were based on non-free photography…

10 minute sketch from 30 min class on May 8th, 20.

10 minute sketch from 30 min class on May 9th, 20.


good job :wink:

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Another 10 min sketch :slight_smile:


Are you learning anatomy from the online course by Proko? He has a few free episodes available on YouTube. I’m waiting to save up enough money before taking the full course on his website.

Tbh I am just working now on capturing the whole silhouette with correct proportions based on a photo. I know several ways of constructing a human body, and I know I’ve seen Proko’s videos at some point, so I thought that just trying to replicate the photo will be good enough.

I will make sure to check them out again though, to see if they help me improve even more :slight_smile: