File corruption?

I made a post on this a few months ago and unfortunately I got the same answers, I mentioned I’d checked mirror modes, wrap around etc and none of these helped my issue. My files are opening fine with no lag. However they open blank until I try to draw, regardless of what should be there. When I try to draw it duplicates across the canvas. I’ve tried making sure my files are .kra files and even tried to see if they’d open in png via export but they don’t save.


If it is just simple corruption is there any way to retrieve my work? This is from a tablet not pc!

It looks like wrap around mode but wrap around mode isn’t saved in the .kra file or in the kritarc configuration file, as far as I can tell, so this shouldn’t happen.

Which version of krita are you using?
What sort of tablet are you using
Which operating system does it run?

Does this happen with a New File in a new krita session?

If you press Shift+W (toggle wrap around), does that change anything and do you see anything happen?

If you zoom out, do you see more repeats?

As a matter of interest, why do you have a small canvas rotation set?

Can you make the first shown .kra file available using a link to a file sharing service or website?

Can you right click on the layer, then click copy layer and then create a new document then right click on the layer stack on any layer and click paste layer in to a new document and check if it work

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