File Key on keyboard

So, I accidentally hit the File key on my keyboard, and I noticed it opens up a sort of dropdown where you can select and deselect different Dockers (the same thing as doing it through the Settings–> Dockers).

The issue is that it opens up on my main monitor, instead of Cintiq.

It’s not really a problem, but I thought I’d mention it. I’m using yesterday’s Krita Plus build.
On a side note, please bring back the Gitnumbers in the daily builds. It’s more convenient when I run into an issue.

I agree…

But you should ask here I think, as it has been removed from here:



Yes, I’ve seen that post, but I only ask for the gitnumber in the zip file name. I’m downloading the nightly builds every day, just in case I need to trace when a bug first appeared (it really helped a number of times in the past, trying to pin-point what commit broke something).

That is really a good scenario for having the git numbers in the nightly builds. Please comment on that thread.

oh ok , I didn’t understood… :sweat_smile:

I guess you’re working on Windows? Linux appimage already contains git number in file name (example: krita-5.0.0-prealpha-7031953-x86_64.appimage), but I effectively don’t see it for windows installer…


Yeah, it’s just named now, which ends up as krita-nightly-x64-4.4.1-alpha .zip(1) and so on, which isn’t really that informative :slight_smile:

The Windows nightly builds used to have git numbers until recently. I’ve no idea why they don’t have them now.

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