File sync

Did you guys use File Synchronization software? If yes. What did you guys use?

At first I used dropbox, but the free storage cap is so small i can’t use it anymore.

I migrated to Gdrive, but finding myself fighting duplication left and right. It made me, accidentally deleted not once, not twice but many times my working files. And because it’s on other pople computer, i can’t even try to recover it.

I migrated again to ondedrive. But while i don’t face duplication problem, some times the files just straight up corrupted.

I remeber using Pcloud too, but i stopped using it because files keeps being in conflict with each other.

So, do you guys have any recommendation?


Is this a help question or art post?

In my limited experience, Dropbox is the best by far. If you have a few people you regularly need to share files with, why not team up and pay for a family plan? 6 users pay 17€/month for 2TB of storage. That’s less than 3€ per month for each user.

Ahh, dropbox. Too bad it doesn’t support my local payment method.

Btw I just used it to syn my files between my home pc, my work pc, and my laptop. No sharing with other people.

Maybe you could find some friends who also need file synchronization? The family plan is six private accounts, so they will only have access to the files that you choose to share with them.

You will still share the amount of data (two TB), so if one user hogs it all there might be some discontent in the group.