Files are only opened blurred

Hello. I did my lineart and the program crashed. When I try to open the cached file, the image on the canvas is blurred. This is the case with all of the files (krita image document) I have tried. However, if I export the opened, fuzzy file as png, the result in the saved folder is sharp again. When I try to open it again with the program, the image on the canvas is blurred again. Does somebody has any idea? Is it because of the settings? I’ve been working with Krita for a few days now.

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In the screenshot you posted above, I can see the individual pixels of the lineart and the antialiased edges. It looks like a 4px brush has been used, not a 40px brush.
Also, if that image is 3508 pixels wide, I shouldn’t be able to see the pixels in that screenshot. Has that lineart been taken from somewhere else and scaled up?

Can you upload the exported .png file for that .kra file?

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Hi there. Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
Yes, I then tried different brushes to see if the problem was there. Here I have attached the exported image. I drew the line art on an A4 document in Krita. With, I believe, 300 dpi preset. Every newly opened file has been severely blurry since the program crashed. I have no clue whats the cause of this…

Check scaling mode in the the display settings: some settings smoothe the image more than other settings.

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Thank you both for the quick help. I went through the individual settings under Set up Krita in the menu and restored them individually. A mistake must have crept in somewhere, although I’m actually rather careful about changing something big. At the moment everything is working again and I am very happy :smiley: